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The Key to an Intentional Introduction

This weeks video tip!   4 WAYS TO MAKE AN INTENTIONAL INTRODUCTION: The first step is to know the people you're introducing... have a clear understanding of [...]

Be Their Networking Hero

Be Their Networking Hero   Step 1 Identify 3 to 4 networking events you enjoy attending on a regular basis. It could be an event hosted by an [...]

How to Harness the Power of Rapport

Catch the video HERE Did most of your closest friends come from social media?  Mine did! Back in the day when MySpace was still cool I used it to [...]

Why Your Networking is NOT Working

Catch the video HERE As a small business owner I attend a TON of networking events. It's a must when you want to grow your business! Maybe you can relate [...]

The New 80/20 Rule

We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule, right? The most popular take on this is that 80 percent of your workload will come from the bottom 20 percent of [...]

Mirror, Mirror

    I was at a networking event the other day, and observed something hilarious happening beside me. There was a gentleman trying to ‘sell’ himself to this woman [...]

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