How would you feel
if your business was in the same exact place
in 1 year from now?

What is the Powerful Partners Forum?

We have created a one-of-a-kind program for female business owners who are looking to gain new perspectives, from a group of like-minded women, leading to personal and professional growth.

The Forum provides dedicated time and space for members to work ON their business in an environment of compassion, commitment and accountability. We are dedicated to helping female leaders find “Aha!” moments in a safe space designed for feedback and idea development.

Our expert educational sessions include:

  • Building a business growth strategy
  • Identifying the results & advantages you bring to the table for clients
  • Formulating your ideal client profile
  • Crafting your marketing message
  • Structuring your social media presence
  • Building the processes that creates a foundation for growth

Courage to overcome our fears that have been holding us back, and to take actions that allow us and our business to grow.  The ability to move forward with confidence, knowing the future is ours to create.

Awareness of beliefs from the past that have been holding us back in both our personal life and our business, and the courage to take actions that will shift those beliefs.  With a safe space of fellow women business owners to bounce business ideas and decisions off of, you gain a clear path to growth.

Knowing this is a safe space where you can share your fears, personal struggles in confidence, without being judged.  This creates a sacred space for you to really connect with other women and develop special friendships.

Bringing together the collective expertise and experiences of each member creates opportunities for your own knowledge about yourself and your business to expand.  You will work with your fellow members and Accountability Partner to fill in the gaps in your business that will create a stronger foundation for growth.  Naturally, collaborating in business with other members often leads to introductions to new clients.

Connection to the power of love, friendship and community with other women.  Women who are there for you, not as shoulders to cry on, but a team of confidants who will help you find a solution so you can move forward with confidence.  Women who believe in you.  Women who hold you to a higher standard than you hold yourself.

The Next Powerful Partners Forum Launches:
September 2019
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Who is the Forum For?

Our members are female solo-entrepreneurs who have been in business for one year or more. They have created the foundation for their business and are ready to take it to the next level. Recognizing that business growth happens faster with the right structure and accountability plan, members receive dedicated support from like-minded women who are motivated, passionate and place a high value on their community.

What does the Powerful Partners Forum Provide?

We are are more than a coaching program. Our community-focused forum is designed for mission-focused women looking to cultivate genuine connection while rising to higher personal and professional standards together.

Member Benefits:

  • Structure and accountability to get more of the clients that fuel growth while maintaining work/life balance
  • Dedicated support to overcome the challenges you’re facing right now
  • Save time navigating marketing and sales processes to stay ahead of your competition and close business faster
  • Insight from like-minded women who empower you to envision the possibilities and solutions you haven’t yet tapped into
What are members saying?


Operations and Project Support Professional

“I am thankful for the beautiful relationships with the women in my Forum.  We have all benefited from the sense of community, shared vision, and creativity that we cultivate and take action on together; it’s powerful and produces clarity and growth within my business.”

Operations Consultant

Annie Frances Peck

Annie Frances Style Consulting

“Even though each of us are in different industries and at various stages in our businesses, I appreciated how we all had a spirit of collaboration, sharing ideas for growth in a supportive environment.  Everyone’s contribution was valuable, plus we had a lot of fun in the process.”

Annie Frances Style Consulting


EMDR Research Foundation,
Executive Director

“I’ve definitely gained confidence from being in the Forum!   I have a greater understanding of my strengths and how they add value to my organization, so I can continue building on them.  Being surrounded by other women business owners has given me the feeling that I’m not alone.”

EMDR Research Foundation

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