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Meet More Ideal Clients at Your Next Event

One of the most important things you can do at an event is build a relationship with the host. The host will likely know most of the people in the room and could make some great introductions for you... but you must first gain their respect and build a relationship. Here are 6 steps to [...]

Meet More Ideal Clients at Your Next Event2017-09-18T16:07:13-05:00

The Key to an Intentional Introduction

This weeks video tip!   4 WAYS TO MAKE AN INTENTIONAL INTRODUCTION: The first step is to know the people you're introducing... have a clear understanding of what they do professionally, who their ideal clients are, and what they're working on right now that you may be able to help them with by [...]

The Key to an Intentional Introduction2017-08-10T16:46:52-05:00

Be Their Networking Hero

Be Their Networking Hero   Step 1 Identify 3 to 4 networking events you enjoy attending on a regular basis. It could be an event hosted by an Association that you're part of. It could be a networking group specific to your industry that happens weekly, monthly or quarterly. It could be a social event hosted [...]

Be Their Networking Hero2017-07-12T18:03:35-05:00

The simple practice that transformed my relationship with a co-worker… and my destiny

Video HERE Relationships we have in all areas of our lives are fundamentally important to our growth and happiness. I'd like to share a story of a hard lesson I learned about 5 years ago and the powerful outcome it had on my relationship with a work colleague. At the time I held a sales [...]

The simple practice that transformed my relationship with a co-worker… and my destiny2017-05-19T00:42:40-05:00

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Networking and How To Avoid Them

Catch the video HERE MISTAKE #1 They ask for something before they've offered anything. I can't tell you how many times I receive a request form someone who has not spent the time building or re-building a relationship with me, and immediately she/he goes in for the ask.  Here is an example:     As [...]

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Networking and How To Avoid Them2017-03-31T13:32:11-05:00

How to Harness the Power of Rapport

Catch the video HERE Did most of your closest friends come from social media?  Mine did! Back in the day when MySpace was still cool I used it to make new friends when I moved back to Chicago from Hermosa Beach. One of my closest friends, Jade was someone I met through MySpace. I came [...]

How to Harness the Power of Rapport2017-03-10T00:23:29-06:00

Why Your Networking is NOT Working

Catch the video HERE As a small business owner I attend a TON of networking events. It's a must when you want to grow your business! Maybe you can relate to this experience... I attend a networking event, prepared with my 60-second elevator pitch, and I leave feeling like I need a shower. Everyone was there [...]

Why Your Networking is NOT Working2017-03-02T16:48:36-06:00


This week's Powerful Connecting Tip!  If you hate the tedious task of entering new contact information into your CRM after a networking event, check out FullContact! There is a business card scanner built into the app AND the info is synced to your phone + any email accounts you connect. Best part... it's only $60/year! [...]

POWERFUL CONNECTING TIP- Save Time & Connect More2017-01-11T19:40:17-06:00

The New 80/20 Rule

We’ve all heard of the 80/20 rule, right? The most popular take on this is that 80 percent of your workload will come from the bottom 20 percent of your clients...and the goal is find MORE of the top 20 percent. And of course, if you use social media to grow your business, you have [...]

The New 80/20 Rule2016-02-23T14:14:56-06:00

Mirror, Mirror

    I was at a networking event the other day, and observed something hilarious happening beside me. There was a gentleman trying to ‘sell’ himself to this woman at the table beside him. She was clearly a shy personality type, and would answer him in quiet, almost whisper-like responses. Yet he would bark back [...]

Mirror, Mirror2016-02-15T08:59:01-06:00