This week’s Powerful Connecting Tip!  If you hate the tedious task of entering new contact information into your CRM after a networking event, check out FullContact!

There is a business card scanner built into the app AND the info is synced to your phone + any email accounts you connect. Best part… it’s only $60/year!

CLICK HERE for a 1 minute video tutorial on how to use the app to scan business cards.

Powerful Connecting Tip

Scan your business cards with FullContact

As you scan in the cards, FullContact allows you to “tag” each of your new contacts and add “notes”. I tag my contacts using these 4 categories:

  • Industry (examples: Finance, Healthcare, Dental, Beauty/Hair, Marketing/Branding, Accounting, Fitness, etc)
  • Location (examples: Chicago, North Shore, Naperville, Miami, Dallas, etc)
  • Connection Level
  • Connection Source

INDUSTRY: This is by far the most important tagging category because it allows me to provide resources to others in my network when they are looking for a specific service. I can access each specific tag such as “Finance” and view all of my connections in that industry.

LOCATION: Each connection is tagged with the major city they are located nearest to and it serves a two-fold purpose. First, if I have a connection in the Naperville area who is looking for a new Dentist, I can easily access my list of contacts who are tagged “Naperville” and “Dental” and make an introduction. Second, if I have plans to travel to a specific area, I can easily access all of my connections in that area and reach out to set up meetings.

CONNECTION LEVEL: After reading the book, The Referral of a Lifetime I began tagging all of my contacts in 4 categories:

  • A List – These are the people who know, like and trust me and who champion me. They could be someone I’ve worked with or someone who’s attended my events and can powerfully vouch for me. They could be someone who has sent referrals my way and/or knows what I do and how to refer business to me.
  • B List – These are people who know me but aren’t quite comfortable enough yet to refer me business so I know that I need to continue putting time and effort into making that connection deeper.
  • C List – These are people who I’ve recently met at an event or through a referral and we’ve just begun warming up to each other.
  • D List – These are people who have showed no interest in building a relationship further. I categorize them so I know not to continue investing my time in them.
CONNECTION SOURCE:  When someone refers me to a new connection I want to be able to keep them updated on the progress so they feel confident that any referrals they send my way are well taken care of. It also allows me to send a Thank You card at the end of the year, showing my gratitude for all of their referrals and sharing the impact that it had on my business. Additionally, if I met this connection at an event or through one of the organizations I’m a member of, I can track the number of contacts I made at each of these places so I know where to invest more time in the future.
Megan Wessels
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