September 2020

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Being a solo business owner is like being on an island of your own.
In the Powerful Partners Forum you brainstorm with 6 to 8 like-minded women who all have different businesses and areas of expertise. You can share struggles in a safe environment where women relate to you and offer different perspectives that you wouldn’t have seen on your own.

As a solo business owner you think you can do it all.  It’s inevitable that you will drop balls from time to time or make bad decisions and without realizing, it takes a toll on your confidence.  You begin to question yourself and the value you bring to the table.  In the Powerful Partners Forum you provide the other members with just as much value as you receive.  You get the feeling that what you say really matters.  Through this experience you begin to really understand the value of what you bring to the table for your clients and how you can continue to build on it.

Serving your clients is often a top priority as a solo business owner and it tends to take over the creative time you need to work ON your business.  You know it’s important but it always seems to be the thing that falls to the bottom of the pile. In the Powerful Partners Forum the growth of your business becomes a priority.  It’s broken down into steps with the added feedback from your fellow Forum members so you feel supported the entire way.

In the first few years of being a business owner you’re throwing A LOT of spaghetti at the wall, but eventually you want it to stick.  The Powerful Partners Forum is like self-awareness for your business.  The Forum members are your thought partners who shine a light on the areas you feel stuck and allow the clarity to build.

As a business owner you’re always “on” and days seem to fly by with one appointment or task after another. In the Powerful Partners Forum you connect with the other Forum members, and with yourself. These members who were once strangers, now become friends and confidants. The Forum Retreat is an opportunity to connect with yourself, providing greater awareness that you take with you into your business.

The Next Powerful Partners Forum Launches:
September 2020
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Monthly in-person meetings with your tribe of Powerful Partners

An annual life review and intentional goal setting for both personal and professional growth

Focused time to work on your business and collaborate with members

Build a “Personal Advisory Board” of people who have already accomplished the growth you’re seeking

Members who are invested in your success and will lovingly hold you accountable to your commitments

Time to present the challenges and opportunities facing your business to gain feedback and perspective

An unforgettable weekend retreat to work on the beliefs that limit your business growth, and have fun with your members

Amazing Dinner Party experiences with members and other women business owners

What are members saying?


Operations and Project Support Professional

“I am thankful for the beautiful relationships with the women in my Forum.  We have all benefited from the sense of community, shared vision, and creativity that we cultivate and take action on together; it’s powerful and produces clarity and growth within my business.”

Operations Consultant

Annie Frances Peck

Annie Frances Style Consulting
“Even though each of us are in different industries and at various stages in our businesses, I appreciated how we all had a spirit of collaboration, sharing ideas for growth in a supportive environment.
Everyone’s contribution was valuable, plus we had a lot of fun in the process.”

Annie Frances Style Consulting

Lisa Mc

EMDR Research Foundation,
Executive Director

“I’ve definitely gained confidence from being in the Forum!   I have a greater understanding of my strengths and how they add value to my organization, so I can continue building on them.  Being surrounded by other women business owners has given me the feeling that I’m not alone.”

EMDR Research Foundation

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