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What is the Powerful Partners Forum?
  • Highly curated mastermind groups of 6 to 8 women entrepreneurs who bring different skills and strengths to the table.
  • Members meet once a month for 5 hours.
  • Meetings are scheduled based on availability of everyone in the group.
  • A two-person Leadership Team ensures each member has the support she needs.
  • Meetings are structured to support members in the moment… they learn fundamentals to scale a business, share updates, and deep dive on challenges they are having in business.
  • An Expert Panel is provided for Forum members to learn the skills they need for their business to grow.
  • Members identify their North Star and track weekly Objectives and Key Results that drive traction.
  • Members are assigned Accountability Partners to hold true to their OKRs.
  • The cherry on top…members participate in a weekend retreat led by a retreat facilitator.  Members go from business friends to forever friends in this intimate weekend experience and clear the beliefs that are sabotaging business growth.
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Who is the Powerful Partners Forum For?

Our members are DIY female founders who are looking for the answers to grow their business and create greater impact for their clients. Women who realize they are really good at what they do but need help to build the business. Women who are ready to break through current revenue barriers and exhausted from trying to figure it out on their own.

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The 3 things we look for in our Forum members:

  1. Do they have traction? (clients/revenue)
  2. Do they want to scale their business to $1MM and beyond?
  3. In what ways can they benefit the other women in their Forum – experience, network, knowledge, expertise?


Summer 2021

What makes the Powerful Partners Forum Unique?

Unlike traditional coaching programs for female founders, each Powerful Partners Forum is highly curated to meet each member where she's at in her business. This starts with the members themselves! Members are selected based on the skills and strengths they bring to the table. The Leadership Team surveys members and listens to their needs to ensure they are receiving the support required for their business to grow. Experts are chosen from the Expert Panel based on needs of the members.

There is nothing else out there like this for women entrepreneurs.

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