What is the Powerful Partners Forum?

The Powerful Partners Forum is a mastermind group for womxn entrepreneurs who feel stuck. They have a vision for where they want to take their business but need a little help getting there and feel overwhelmed by all the options.

It's an intimate group of other like-minded business owners who will help you get clear on the path to achieve your goals and make you feel supported every step of the way. A group of womxn who start off as peers and quickly become your life-long friends.

In the Powerful Partners Forum our cohorts are comprised of 8 industry-agnostic womxn who all bring different skills and knowledge to the table. As a member of a cohort, you will contribute to the other womxn just as much as you receive.

What makes the Powerful Partners Forum Unique?

This is not a coaching program that provides a step by step system to grow your business, because I believe there isn't one formula for everyone. It depends on what you want to create as a legacy for yourself and your business. As a member of the Powerful Partners Forum you will discover the answers for yourself as you go. This is a program that meets you where you're at… whether you've been in business for 10 years or 10 months.

This is the only mastermind group open to womxn entrepreneurs with a business under $1M in annual revenue.

Who is the Powerful Partners Forum For?

As the founder, I interview everyone who applies for the Forum. I want to understand your vision and what's holding you back from achieving that vision so I can place you with members who I feel are the best fit.

This program works best for womxn who have an established business with revenue coming in. I also look for womxn who are open to feedback and want to contribute by sharing their knowledge and expertise with other members.

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