Be Their Networking Hero


Step 1

Identify 3 to 4 networking events you enjoy attending on a regular basis. It could be an event hosted by an Association that you’re part of. It could be a networking group specific to your industry that happens weekly, monthly or quarterly. It could be a social event hosted by a local media resource, such as a magazine issue launch party. Once you’ve identified the events you plan to attend regularly, schedule them in your calendar and show up with the intention of meeting as many of the regular attending members as possible. Get to know them… who they do business with, how deep their network is, and what expertise or value they have to offer? (I keep all of this info noted in my CRM)

Step 2

Every Friday, review your calendar for the following week. When you see that you have one of these regular events coming up, look through your network for professionals you need to reconnect with and would value from attending these events. Make a list and send each of them a personalized email or text message to invite them to the event.

Step 3

Take a few minutes to review your notes on each of the people you’ve invited to attend this event with you. If you don’t have any notes in your CRM, give each of them a quick call to touch base before the event to confirm details on meeting at the event and ask about the types of people they would like to meet.

Step 4

Make personalized, intentional introductions for your guests to people at the event who either match the types of people they are looking to meet, or someone who would know those those types of people.

Step 5

Follow up with your guest the next day and thank them for attending with you.


Megan Wessels, CEO Powerful Partners Inc & Founder of the Power Connecting event

Helping small business owners & new sales professionals who want to build Powerful Partnerships and see real results from the time & energy they invest in networking.