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Did most of your closest friends come from social media?  Mine did!

Back in the day when MySpace was still cool I used it to make new friends when I moved back to Chicago from Hermosa Beach.

One of my closest friends, Jade was someone I met through MySpace.

I came across her page and noticed we liked the same music and fashion.  I reached out to her, used the traits we had in common to build rapport and it worked!

I explained that I’d just moved back to Chicago and she seemed like a really cool girl.  We spoke on the phone and a few weeks later she invited me to a Bentley Fashion Show that she was modeling in.

Our friendship continued to grow and we quickly became besties.


A few years later… I was grateful to serve as the Maid of Honor in her wedding.  Today, I’m the proud Godmother of her baby twins.


Today’s Powerful Connecting Tip…

Finding commonality is the fastest way to build rapport with someone you’ve never met.

The internet and social media have made it easier than ever to build rapport by learning what someone is interested in so you can identify the commonality.

People are drawn to people who are like themselves.  The more you can find in common with someone, the better chance you have at building a lasting relationship.

This happens to be a key part of my P-O-W-E-R Strategy for building Powerful Partnerships with high-caliber professionals.

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As a small business owner your time is the most valuable asset you have. If you want to see results from the time and energy you spend building your network, you need a strategy.

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