One of the most important things you can do at an event is build a relationship with the host.
The host will likely know most of the people in the room and could make some great introductions for you… but you must first gain their respect and build a relationship.
Here are 6 steps to take if you want to Befriend the Host and meet ideal clients at your next networking event:
A week before attending, look up the host on-line starting with LinkedIn. Send a personalize LinkedIn connection request that looks something like this…
“Hi Michelle,
I’m registered for your seminar next week and after reading through your profile, I’m even more excited to meet you!
I look forward to learning more about your professional journey and if there’s any way I can help you.
~ Megan Wessels, Powerful Partners, Inc”
Continue doing your on-line research and write down 3 things you can bring to the conversation that will help build rapport.
For example…
   ✸ One or more of your common connections that you know personally and would be great names to bring up in conversation.
   ✸ An achievement they’ve made such as winning an award or authoring a book.
   ✸ Something of value you an offer them… an introduction to someone, a book recommendation, or an expertise you can share to help them achieve a goal.
Send another personalized message the day before the event that looks something like this… (assuming they accepted your connection request)
“Hi Michelle,
I just looked into your business a little more and love how you’re impacting different industries. Very inspiring! I can’t wait to hear your story tomorrow at the seminar.
~ Megan Wessels, Powerful Partners Inc”
Introduce yourself at the event (even if they have not accepted your connection request) and use your research in the conversation.
For example…
  ✸ “I noticed on LinkedIn that we’re both connected to Trent Brown. I saw him speak at an event recently… what an amazing guy. How do you know Trent?” 
   ✸ “I read on LinkedIn that you were selected for the Top 40 Under 40 award! Amazing… what was that experience like for you?”
   ✸ “From the looks of your LinkedIn profile I can you’ve achieved a lot in your career… what are some of your goals for this year? Is there any way I can help you reach them?”
If you approach the host with this level of genuine interest, I guarantee they are going to ask how they can help you. Be prepared with a response.
For example…
“I registered for this event because I’m interested in the topic but I’m also here to meet <insert your ideal client description>. Who are some people here tonight that you recommend I meet?”
 STEP #6
Be sure to send the host a message via LinkedIn or email the next day, thanking her/him for the introductions to your ideal clients.