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As a small business owner I attend a TON of networking events. It’s a must when you want to grow your business!

Maybe you can relate to this experience…

I attend a networking event, prepared with my 60-second elevator pitch, and I leave feeling like I need a shower.

Everyone was there to sell something… no one actually CONNECTED.

After the event I send emails to those I’d like to connect with further… CRICKETS. No one responds.

Are you tired of this too?  If so, here’s my Powerful Connecting Tip

Limit the number of networking events you attend and focus more of your time on one-on-one meetings to foster deeper connections. 

3 weeks out of each month I have a full day blocked off for face-to-face meetings. I don’t plan any work on those days because I want to be present at each meeting. My goal is to schedule them all in the same location or nearby locations so I can maximize my time.

Today I had 2 one-on-one meetings at a coffee house, 1 Skype meeting, an early dinner meeting at True Foods and 2 awesome women from my network came to my home for a glass of wine tonight. That’s 6 people in one day who moved from my “B-List” contacts to “A-List”.

As a small business owner your time is the most valuable asset you have. If you want to see results from the time and energy you spend building your network, you need a strategy.

If you feel overwhelmed or frustrated with the way your networking has been going… let’s chat so I can provide you with some steps that will have you on your way to building Powerful Partnerships!

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