This weeks video tip!



The first step is to know the people you’re introducing… have a clear understanding of what they do professionally, who their ideal clients are, and what they’re working on right now that you may be able to help them with by making an introduction.
The 4 Categories for Intentional Introductions:
  1.  LIKE-MINDED – People with similar goals, careers, or tastes.
  1.  SIMILAR INTERESTS / BACKGROUND – People from same culture, areas of expertise, or professional field.
  1.  ADD VALUE – People who can add great value to each other.
An example is a connection I made between Jim & Trent.  Jim is a co-host of The Leadership Podcast and interviews great leaders from around the country.
Trent has several years of success in leadership and was a great candidate for Jim’s podcast.  It just so happens that Trent is focused on growing his new company, KiloGear and a podcast is a great way to spread the word about it!
  1.  SIMILAR IDEAL CLIENTS – People who offer different services but cater to the same clients.  The synergy between them could lead to a great referral partnership!
Whether you’re connecting people at an event or via email, your introductions should ALWAYS be intentional.  That’s when you’ll start to see results because what you put out comes back to you!



Megan Wessels, CEO Powerful Partners Inc & Founder of the Power Connecting event
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