What our members are saying

Jennifer Nagel, Figured Out Fitness

“I love the feeling of giving and receiving you get and the level of trust that has been created between us.”

~Joanna Espinosa

“Even though each of us are at various stages in our businesses, everyone’s contribution was valuable.”

~Alyssa Burns

“So often people are quick write a review on a bad service or faulty product that they’ve received and not too many take the time to write about their great experiences. I wanted to write a good review or a testimonial, if you will, on my experiences with the Powerful Partners Forum that I was involved with for a short time. Even though my tenor was short-lived due to personal issues, the connection that was made with the ladies
was not only immediate but is also ongoing.

I left the group but the group did not leave me.
The ladies still check in on me and my business as well as make me laugh a few days a week via a group text that we started in the beginning.

This testimonial is to give kudos to the founder, Megan Wessels for being a true tribe-maker and connecting the right people with each other. I really have gained a few new friends for life thanks to her great knack of people pairing.”

Yoli De La Mora, SHEcorp, Inc.

A weekend retreat is included in the Powerful Partners Forum membership. Here’s what members have to say about the experience…

“As the facilitator, I really appreciate the relationship the PP Forum women had already created coming into the retreat. Together, we went even deeper and formed bonds that will last a lifetime. Participants were able to see ways their shared stories connected them to one another, helping them not to feel so alone. We created pathways to growth that felt safe and sacred while having fun and enjoying valuable ‘girlfriend’ time.”

“I was beyond happily surprised with the retreat. Loved it and the bond we had. Thank you for giving us SUCH an incredible space to grow & give & learn from others.”

“The weekend was soulful and filled with such openness, encouragement and wisdom. So much so, that I left the retreat with the resolve to make a much needed change within my business, enabling me to take my goals to the next level!”

“I’m surprised at how close we all became — the sense of trust, openness and community that was established the weekend of the retreat was incredible.”