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Slay Your Procrastination Dragon

Tuesday, September 29th

5:00pm to 6:40pm CST

You know when you have that one thing on your “To Do” list that keeps making an appearance… because it's still waiting for your attention? You keep asking yourself “Why can’t I just get it done?”, but every time you sit down to work on it you get distracted with 10 other things. At the end of the day, it’s still not done and you tell yourself… “Tomorrow is the day!”.

Why do you keep avoiding it? It’s creating a daily energy drag and before you know it, it’s turned into an overwhelming and dreadful dragon that you want to avoid at all cost!

Our Co Host Jen Spainhour has created a proven, step-by-step process to help you slay that Procrastination Dragon! During this engaging virtual event she will share the 3 secrets to conquering your procrastination and lead us through an interactive exercise to demonstrate each one. Come prepared with one thing you keep procrastinating on and be ready to take notes!

All guests will receive a copy of the guest list.

HOST: Megan Wessels

Megan Wessels has been working with women business owners for over 10 year and has gift for bringing for bringing the right people together.

Powerful Partners Inc. is a carefully curated community where DIY female founders receive the tools, peer support, accountability and expert advice they need to scale their business to six figures and beyond. Women who want to create a bigger impact AND greater financial abundance.

CO-HOST: Jen Spainhour

Jen is an ex-corporate exec turned Career Empowerment Coach who works primarily with women at a professional crossroads. She guides her clients on how to experience more confidence, clarity and courage to reach their fullest potential. She is also the host of Coffee, Clarity & Community calls every Monday to share inspiration and connection.


Tuesday September 29th, 2020


5:00pm to 6:40pm CST


5:00pm Welcome guests as they arrive

5:05pm A few words from Megan, introduce Jen Spainhour

5:10pm Topic of discussion

5:45pm Guest Q&A with Jen

5:55pm Virtual dance-along

6:00pm Networking (3 to 4 guests will be assigned by Megan to each Zoom Room)

6:30pm End groups/rooms

6:40pm Event concludes


Zoom (the link will be sent to you once you register)


Passionate, Amazing, Resilient Women



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